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This is YOUR Private Blockchain Community!

CCM CEO Jess Jessop talks with Chain Reactions about Blockchain and the Cannabis Business

Is Cannabis Ready for Prime Time?

Jess Jessop  interviews industry leaders, including Troy Dayton CEO of ArcView and Patrick Rea COO Canopy Boulder at the Cannabis Business Summit

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Like eBay but with full State Compliance for California Cannabis

Automated RFID Seed to Sale Track & Trace

 California Metrc Certified

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We believe in Community

We are all in this Together. We agree with Mark Benioff “the business of a business is to improve the world”

So instead of traditional marketing, we are building the premier Cannabis Professional Community. A community designed to help and support YOU, California Cannabis Professionals.

We Believe in Giving Back

We are proud and committed members of the Pledge 1% 

We give:

  • 1% of our Equity – Our Stock
  • 1% of our Time – Our Time
  • 1% of our Profit – Our Money
  • 1% of our Product – Our Market

We Believe in Making a Difference

Many of our Community are still in Jail. We think this is a tragedy where we, our CCM Community, can make a huge difference.

Our give back is focused on the most painful problem facing our community, our friends and family still in Jail or out of work due to the War on Drugs.

First, we need to help get them out of Jail. We are establishing a legal defense fund and partnering with NORML and the ACLU.




Bring them home, their record expunged and a good job waiting.

To help them get back their life, we have a plan to hire and our employees are planning a one on one program to partner with recently released convicts to support their reintegrate with society.

We Believe in Changing the Laws

We are a Member of the National Cannabis Industry Association and support their great work in protecting and promoting our industry.


We Believe in Following the Law

We provide Clone to Consumer California Compliance and Reporting.

We are a Metrc Validated Software Provider

We Believe in Blockchain

“Blockchain is a team sport. With the right network of participants collaborating on the blockchain, the benefits can be exponential,”           Marie Wieck Blockchain Technology IBM

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Our B2B Marketplace Legally and Securely Connects Buyers with Growers, we Manage Purchase Contracts and Payments, Meet Testing Requirements and  Manage B2B Delivery of Cannabis in California.              

We connect Growers, Testing Labs, Manufacturers and Retailers on our Private B2B Trusted Secure IBM Cloud Blockchain Platform.



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Cannabis Business in California

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