About Us

Greetings California Cannabis Industry!

My name is Jess Jessop and I am CEO and a Co-Founder of CCM. It’s a blend of my two favorite things, technology and cannabis!

I came home from the Navy with, as my therapist once said, a world class case of PTSD. I was screwing up my life bad when a friend introduced me to cannabis. It saved me, it allowed me to de-stress without becoming a valium and vicodin zombie. That was 43 years ago. I am so grateful to not be a criminal anymore! If you want to know more see Huffington Post Jess’s Story.

I’ve been a Silicon Valley Software Engineer for over 40 years also. My first professional Software Engineering role was for Jack Tramiel at Commodore. I wrote the final test diagnostics for and help setup production for the Commodore 64.

I have done an amazing number of projects since, check out my LinkedIn.  But the relevant part is that I was a Core Engineering Team Leader at Tradex. We were one of the early B2B marketplace leaders.

Tradex became one of the first Unicorns when we were acquired by our competitor, Ariba, for our technology. The software only price was $5.6B.

Later Ariba was acquired by SAP and is now the SAP/Ariba B2B Marketplace. The world leader in B2B Marketplaces.

The take away I want you to get is that I know marketplace technology like few people. I love and know the Cannabis Industry.

We are looking forward to enabling your success!


Jess Jessop  www.LinkedIn.com/in/JessJessop