California Cannabis Market Inc., CCM, is the Alibaba/eBay of Legal Cannabis. If Alibaba helped sell and manage the supply chain for the most highly regulated agricultural product in the world.

CCM has partnered with IBM and uses Hyperledger Blockchain and Smart Contracts to automate the Cannabis supply chain and seamlessly includes track and trace.

Marketplace/Auction technology provides transparence and reduced commerce friction, CCM goes beyond that with a State specific comprehensive Compliance and Payments solutions.

CCM’s business model is based on a percentage of sales in the marketplace, like eBay.Our Compliance App is Free and works for all Growers, Distribution, Manufacturing and Retail organizations.  We use RFID tag reading technology and AI assistance to effortlessly collect the data and manage compliance.

CCM will be raising our Seed Round in the 1st quarter 2020.. Here are links to the Explainer Video, Pitch Deck. The Marketplace in Demo Mode is at

The CEO, Jess Jessop, has a long history of successfully delivering products in this software industry. He was a core engineering team leader in one of the first Unicorns, Tradex Technologies, that sold to Ariba, and then SAP for $5.6B.

Explainer Video

Pitch Deck

Executive Summary

Marketplace in Demo Mode

Grower Compliance App Prototype

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