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Growers, Distribution, Manufacturing

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America's Master Grower


The world is fascinated with Cannabis as it comes out of the shadows. Growers have of necessity been the most secretive of people. But the times they are a changing and 

Master Growers, these eccentric, iconic individuals,

 are in HUGE demand.

They are the new ROCK STARS!

America's Master Grower the TV show. Think America's Got Talent crossed with Survivor on a Cannabis Grow.

Who will be America's next Master Grower?

Growing Cannabis is a team sport. Teams will start with the same clones and we will follow them through a 90 day grow season. Each week teams with face new challenges they must overcome. The Judges with be top industry figures.

The best Growers all know it is a time of establishing their band, we focus on helping with that and everything else grow related in our MasterGrower.Us Community

Community Center


The Premier Cannabis Professional Venue in California. 

The Center on Treasure Island

California Cannabis Market Campus

and Community Center

Our Campus is the home for the 

Master Grower Community 

and the set for

America's Master Grower

Reality TV Show. 



Versatile Venues, 3 buildings, 12,000 sq. ft., beautiful space.  For Cannabis corporate and private events, conferences, banquets, off-sites, workshops, meetups, photo/video shoots and more.

Supporting the Cannabis Professional we offer professional development classes, fireside chats with industry leaders, seminars on industry issues and social connection,